• How many cutouts can I purchase per transaction? Fans may purchase up to four cutouts per transaction; however, if more than one photo in the order does not meet the guidelines, the entire order will be canceled.
  • Are there any photo submission guidelines? Yes, the following guidelines are:
    1. Individuals appearing in photos may be photographed in either non-branded or LSU-branded attire only. No third-party branding, including on apparel and in photo backgrounds. No attire or other branding of Universities or sports teams other than LSU.
    2. Images in photos may not contain commercial advertising, including company names, apparel brands, hashtags, social media handles, phone numbers, logos, slogans or other branding.
    3. Photos may not contain political statements, logos, slogans or other political content.
    4. Photos must be free of offensive or negative comments about LSU, TAF, sports teams, current and former players or others.
    5. Lewd, inappropriate, derogatory, discriminatory or offensive photos should not be submitted.
    6. LSU reserves the right to reject and will not install any cut-out that it determines, in its sole and uncontrolled discretion, violates these photo submission guidelines or is otherwise offensive, lewd, derogatory, infringing, discriminatory or inappropriate. Neither LSU nor TAF will be obligated to provide the purchaser a refund if a submitted photo and/or cut-out is rejected by LSU due to a failure to conform to these guidelines.
  • Can more than one person be in the photo? Only one person per Tiger Cutout. Photos with multiple people will not be accepted.
  • Can I submit a photo of my pet? Yes! Pet photos are permitted if they comply with the photo submissions guidelines and criteria.
  • How will I know if the photo I upload is accepted? You will be contacted if your photo does NOT meet submission guidelines. See our photo submissions guidelines for tips on submitting the best photo.
  • Will I be able to see my cutout in the broadcast? It might be possible, but we cannot guarantee it.
  • Where will my cutout be placed? Cutouts will be randomly placed in the lower-level seating bowl. There is no guarantee which area your cutout will be placed or what seat.
  • If I buy one for each member of my family, will we be placed next to each other? There is no guarantee that your cutouts will be placed next to each other.
  • Can I keep my cutout at the end of the season? Yes! You will be able to pick up your cutout at the conclusion of the season. Details about pick up will be communicated after the season. Cutouts will not be mailed or delivered.
  • What if my cutout gets damaged? If a cutout gets damaged, we will do our best to have it replaced in a timely fashion. LSU Athletics reserves the right to decide what constitutes a damaged cutout. LSU Athletics cannot guarantee the condition of your cutout after exposure to weather, outdoor elements.